Perspective and subtle activism: put your fists in the air, punch, toss, kick. 

Fighting is movement, and movement is dancing, but definitions are not always interchangeable.

(Remember: this is just a choreographic suggestion, use it how you like. Interpretations and noncompliance are encouraged)

C. Gordon, P. Katz, JoJo, V. Calam, and C. Willes' ear

Monday morning twerk
— M. Duffin
l’ordinateur capote
j’en ai mon char d’essayer
fuck mac
fuck l’électronique

moé quand chu fru contre une machine
c’est du vrai monde que jai l’goût frappe
— S. Renaud
Day 1: Participated at the halfway mark in solo rehearsal. Subsequently became drained of energy and took 15 minutes to recover.
— A. Erhardt
DAY 1. (free-form finger-fisticuffing)

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— kevin mcpherson eckoff