Something to do with chronophotography, pixelation, and crappy jpgs

Change each movement before a clear picture of it can be captured. Let the rate of change exceed the rate of recognition.

T. Fushell, and P. Culley

Shoulders shifting, desk time, head bopping out of line.
Refreshing visual fields. Little smiles. Little miles. Little all-around trials.
The body sneaks through that open door just as the mind’s about to close shop for the day. Wonders, wanting, will.
— B. Duggan
It was all too quick
I don’t know what I did
— L. Rapoport
DAY 4. (faster finger flinging)

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— kevin mcpherson eckhoff
This video of me dancing really sucks. I wish I had the body of Russian ballet dancer, then I would be the most graceful dancer to ever have lived. (The video is so bad and unflattering, I’m not even going to send it on—and the music sucks—did not inspire me)
— JoJo
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