On continuity, flow, texture compatibility, and making an entrance.

Anti-resistance dances that screw oppression and vote for horizontal structures.

Work it in super luxe slippy socks. 

DAY 6 late, City hall council chamber

Sang with 60 people I didn’t know - one long sonorous note that morphed slowly and without direction from oooh to ahhh in harmony for 10 minutes while slowly rising from our occupation of the counsellor chairs to joining hands at the center. Citizens taking back democracy.
— L. Rapoport
DAY 6. (helium-filled finger socks of impossible keying)

elfpdcs msnlkdbehpisns jei sisravbe hfn le vh ir jy o iag iog
— kevin mcpherson eckhoff
As I danced to this music it reminds me of memories past, of a time when I was more carefree and accountable to only myself. It makes me nostalgic to wear costumes (super luxe slippy socks) and dance freely in public. To me dance is the one thing that makes my body, and maybe my soul, truly feel free. Screw oppression I choose freedom. No video today, it’s only about the dance.
— JoJo
 Raill Design

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