(any duration)

Weirdoes: spectrum dances of too much or too little.

Change time and space ratios. Stand too close, speak at uncomfortable volumes, use flailing gestures, see fewer things for longer than usual.

A really long dance in a really small space, or long hugs

Dancin’ like im Larry David!
— M. Duffin
I think this is my whole life.
— L. Rapoport
DAY 7. (gradual finger collapse into sad-hand letter-lumps)

tora uhairwphsiegzpaoraapsoooo
— kevin mcpherson eckhoff
I’m dancing to a remix of “Call your girlfriend” by Robyn, covered by Erato. I sing really loudly as it’s mine and my boyfriend’s song. It reminds me of a time when I got trashed at work when I was in university and I was dancing and singing as loudly as possible with ear phones on and a tape cassette player in my ears (this was pre iPhone). I thought I was completely alone in the residence building that I was working in and so to me the louder the better. When I turned the corner, with my pants rolled up and a bandana in my hair, I was met by a group of prospective students and their parents. I immediately went into the closest room, shut the door and laughed—as hard as possible—for a long time. The parents must have had hesitations sending their child to this university. As soon as they passed, I put my head phones back on and continued to dance and sing down the hallway with a smile on my face and spontaneous laughter throughout the day.
— JoJo