Vertical dances that take down buildings.

The elevator only goes up, force normal rules.

Look up, feel down. Embrace the ceiling in every way.

Hanging upside down, off the bottom of the earth

JoJo, C. Poon, and T. Fushell

Slow gravity wave: lay on my back – the ceiling pulled my breasts 1.11, my stomach 1.11, my pelviv 1.11, my toes 1.11, my pelvis 1.11, my stomach 1.11, my breasts 1.11.
— L. Rapoport
DAY 8.
— kevin mcpherson eckhoff
I decided to strap a camera to me and dance around to a Bjork song. It’s a terrible video—but I super dig Bjork. She gets music and dance and the newly emerging interface between sound, movement, touch, visual perception, and digital technology.
— JoJo