Lone dancer: An Invitation

Hey body, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Permeable parts, germs, circumstance

Bring it all and


Dance once a day for 30 consecutive days.

Any duration, wherever you want, however you choose, whenever you can.

Start now.

Turn it up, 30-second pop song chorus, 4-minute opus, trashy ballad, whatever you need to push it out.

Be as visible or invisible as you want, hideout in your kitchen, close the drapes, into the basement, an empty aisle, interrupt your Wednesday meeting and dance in the bathroom stall, lie your way out, fake sick, set your alarm to 3am and forget your commitments.

Do it exactly because you have no time and not a single moment to spare.

Follow nothing but the body and make it the worst dance ever.

Justify your actions with questionable facts, misquote, make it a scientific approach if you need to, but whatever you do, don’t make it good.

Do it because it’s bad; so bad you’d never ever see it on any soyouthinkyou tacky video showdown passé as ‘passé’ twerk fest

A different kind of bad.

A bad that doesn’t exist yet.

Just a huh that becomes.

An alluring gross magnetic huh.

Become the performer and the curator, then forget all of your aptitude.

Undermine authorization, step outside criticism, screw fear, damn creative movement, and vote for more high kicks.

Stop waiting for the money. There isn’t any.

Sell out. It’s all for free and the only cost is not living.

Admit it to no one. Don’t share this, but carry it in your heart.

This is a performance that is alive in our action. It will end when it ends, unceremonious and temporary.

All you have to do it show up. There’s no transit fare, cold ears, and clothing is always optional, but makes for better sliding.

Remember there is a we, and we offer unconditional empathy.

We are making asses of ourselves too.

This is our dance

that has no known purpose, for a body we don’t know yet.

We will set something in motion with action and intensity

We might make a quasar.


There is choreography.

(not the make-that-move-exactly-this-way kind)

Every day for 30 days

A suggestion has been made available, on this very site

To use or completely ignore, no one will know either way.

This is absolutely legit stuff

And not to be taken lightly, or as an excuse to trip-out to lalala

This is Serious Business

That fucks Business as Usual.


Capture something from the 30 days.

A response of any kind

Historic remains, elbow poetry, blurry selfies, video your dance out of frame

Steer the gaze, design it however you want, or leave it alone


Upload your stuff to Vimeo or Youtube

Send Vimeo or Youtube links, jpgs/pngs, or text to lonedancer.ca@gmail.com


Look at your stuff here.

You’re already here.

and here on this Vimeo channel


Your stuff is a performance.

Your stuff will be posted for a fixed period of time

Then it will disappear.

This site is an obituary to our dead dances.

A sentimental reference.

A place for emotion, processing, and lots of regret, but over the 30 days don’t you dare think about what you’re doing.

Act. Be ruthlessly impulsive.

Say no to quality.

Come up with something nobody wants to pay for, it’s free anyway.

Everything will be posted except promotional materials.

Please don’t send anything you don’t want posted.

Huge files make things huge.


Some other reasons why:

To revel in gratuitous idiocy, perverse enjoyment, and anonymous intimacy

To meet something more than half way, or not and say you did

To do something exactly because you don’t have to, but for some reason must

To make a commodity that has no waste

To make a commodity that has no expense, except a little bit of time

To engage in anti-contact while knowing we are with you

To engage in the inarticulate, and make something you’d never ever want to make, is totally incoherent, and feels a bit like sh__

To stop being so creative

To take a break from performing

To take a break from ambition

It’s one less thing to do every day

It’s way easier than a yoga challenge

There will be parties, and every effort will be made to provide free drinks

There might even be a t-shirt.